“Religion is the opiate of the masses.”  -Karl Marx

A solid statement which in a few words explains our inexplicable need as human beings to live under the “illusion” of a God who watches from above and judges our behaviour based on a set of rules written by humans.

But don’t get me wrong – I respect peoples right to believe in religious figures. I grew up in a Catholic family where God (capital “G”), was responsable for every good thing that happened to us. I never got a solid explanation as to who was responsable for all the bad things though – is God responsable for an innocent child with a chronic illness? Is God responsable for a natural disaster that kills thousands of people?,Not sure yet.House_of_CUNTS_Brian-Tamaki_poster

However, what I can’t stand is religious leaders taking advantage of people’s faith in order to fulfill their twisted dreams, gain spiritual power over their lives and (of course) their money. We’ve already seen how this can lead to tragedy with the mass deaths at Waco and Jonestown among many others.

In New Zealand we have Brian Tamaki – leader of Destiny Church. Tamaki is known as a “King” to over 3000 people who regularly attend his services.

For the longest time Destiny Church has been approached by New Zealand (& Australian) media in order to clarify how the Tamaki family lives such a luxurious life – from a $90,000.00 dollar piece of jewellery, travelling to international BT_Bow_Instructionsholiday destinations business class, to expensive cars – the list goes on.

All of this paid for with money given by people from a very low average income area in New Zealand.

Please take the time to watch the videos bellow so you can see for yourself how they respond to some of these allegations.

Make TAMAKI Famous!

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