The Union Documentaries (Must Watch)

These two films are perhaps the best movies regarding the marijuana prohibition issue, we suggest and encourage you go and purchase these films to support the movement. However, if you are skeptical about this and don’t wanna pay for them, we have attached them to this post so you can watch them and perhaps it would change your opinion about the effects of cannabis and the consequences of its prohibition. We (Broken Season) strongly support the movement and bare in mind only one of our members is an active cannabis user. The rest of us, well, we just want a more honest and free world for everyone. Please share this post with as many people as you can. Now just seat and enjoy. They are in HD too!! 😀 #StopTheDrugWar

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On Popular Bands on Print Mighty


Broken Season managed to stay on the top 3 popular bands on the popular merch printing website Print Mighty. For more than 6 months straight Broken Season had some pretty awesome sales. Make sure you stop by our Print Mighty Shop, we have a ton of different designs.

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Distorted 20 Review by Metal Temple

Here is a review Metal Temple did of our last show at the Kings Arms. It was hard for us to be playing to fuck all people at 3pm plus the sound wasn’t that good. It’s always good to hear that people enjoy our work.

BROKEN SEASON for me, are one of the day’s standout acts. They played on the back stage at 3pm to only a handful of people which is a real shame. But right from the start its clear BROKEN SEASON are here to have fun – they are a 5 or 500 type of band, the show is going to be the same high energy, bruising set regardless of how many people show up.

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Interview for Letfus Magazine

On our first visit to hamilton we had the pleasure to be interviewed by Letfus Magazine an online music publication based in Hamilton, New Zealand. It showcases local, and international talent. Whilst all content is published online, it will hopefully move into print in the near future. Check out the Interview and Support this awesome local Mag.!

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