25 Apr 2015 Auckland City, NZ Back Beat Bar Back Beat Bar Buy ticket - $10
01 May 2015 Auckland, NZ Kings Arms Tavern Kings Arms Tavern
04 Jun 2015 Auckland, NZ Kings Arms Tavern Kings Arms Tavern Buy ticket - $10
21 Jun 2015 Auckland, Nz Whammy Bar Whammy Bar
About Us

Like a fine rhyme with ya metal? Here’s ACK groove-metal band Broken Season – the founding members of the Northern Musicians Club.

Since the bands founding summer of 2006-07 Broken Season has undergone several lineup changes on-route to todays lineup of Tony Charles (guitars & backing vocals), James Sachin (drums) and Esteban Garcia (lead vocals & bass).

Together Broken Season bring together an always heavy mix of metal grooves, funky Spanish rhymes, and roaring vocals to create their on variety of moshpit favourites such as “Hammer of Witches”, “Vilified”, and “51 Days” that are sure to please fans of both old and new heavy music.


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Distorted 20 Review by Metal Temple

Here is a review Metal Temple did of our last show at the Kings Arms. It was hard for us to be playing to fuck all people at 3pm plus the sound wasn’t that good. It’s always good to hear that people enjoy our work.

BROKEN SEASON for me, are one of the day’s standout acts. They played on the back stage at 3pm to only a handful of people which is a real shame. But right from the start its clear BROKEN SEASON are here to have fun – they are a 5 or 500 type of band, the show is going to be the same high energy, bruising set regardless of how many people show up.

They have a classic NY / LA Hardcore sound reminiscent of DOWNSET and BIOHAZARD, and I dread to think of the damage these three fellas could do if they playedto a full house. This is the soundtrack to a riot, and their shouts of “Fuck the System” really drive home the excitement, they have got groove, grunt, balls and anger. In an age of Death and Technical Metal, BROKEN SEASON bring a fresh and energizing sound, Yeah Y’All.


Broken Season Piece on Leftus Magazine

Interview for Letfus Magazine

On our first visit to hamilton we had the pleasure to be interviewed by Letfus Magazine an online music publication based in Hamilton, New Zealand. It showcases local, and international talent. Whilst all content is published online, it will hopefully move into print in the near future. Check out the Interview and Support this awesome local Mag.! Continue reading →

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